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Thank you for attending the 2022 Tribal Exchange Network Conference (TENC)! ​Check out the Highlight Reel below!

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The "Tribes and the Exchange Network" website provides information for tribes on the Exchange Network and other innovative approaches for managing and sharing environmental data using modern technology tools and solutions. More details can be found on this site for the Tribal Exchange Network Group (TXG), events, contacts, resources, and mentoring opportunities.

WHY JOIN: The TXG works to address issues related to data management, technology access, and information exchange for Tribal environmental programs. TXG members have a wide range of experiences implementing strategies to improve the data standards and information systems that support tribal environmental and natural resource management activities, and they serve as mentors and advisors for other tribal staff who are building capacity for managing and sharing data.

REQUEST TO JOIN: To request to join the TXG, please complete and submit the 
Tribal Exchange Network Group (TXG) - Membership Request Form.​

INterested in joining the TXG?

Mentorship experiences can help you develop skills and knowledge, and forge relationships to the peers and colleagues that help guide and support you along your journey. Plus, it is at no cost to you or your tribe! 

Complete and submit the Mentor Request Form.

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Tribal Environmental Data and the Exchange Network

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