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  • An Introduction to Interactive Graphs with the 'plotly' Package in R
    • ​​This webinar provided an introduction to the ‘plotly’ package for R, which allows users to create interactive plots, and reviewed the wide variety of types and styles of plots that can be made with ‘plotly’, including scatter and line plots, bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts, box plots, histograms, polar charts, and 3D surface plots, among others.

The resources below were collected with tribal environmental professionals in mind, specifically those working with the R program and data analysis.

  • Angie Reed (Penobscot Nation) and Melinda Ronca-Battista (Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals) facilitated these previously recorded webinars. Angie and Melinda, along with guest presenters, demonstrated various R tools and features and provided one-on-one support to attendees. 
  • Access the code used in the webinars here.

Previously recorded webinars: R Chat with Angie and Melinda

  • Learn R  (ITEP in-person course archive)