Tribes and the Exchange Network

The 2018 Tribal Environmental Data Management Capacity and Needs Assessment, prepared by the Exchange Network Tribal Governance Group (TGG), was conducted to better understand current tribal capacity, needs, and challenges related to environmental data management, collection, and use. 

The results presented in this Needs Assessment will inform strategies and identify approaches for enhancing tribal programs, with the ultimate goal of ensuring adequate funding and appropriate technical resources to support and sustain tribal environmental protection efforts into the future. The success of these strategies is dependent upon collaboration with other key stakeholders, who can help the TGG communicate the value of stable, robust funding to build, maintain, and enhance tribal environmental programs.

The findings of this Needs Assessment underscore the desire of tribes to be able to expand their capabilities and further validate their efforts and suggest that providing appropriate training and technical resources for tribes can help tribes meet these needs. As a result, tribal sovereignty is strengthened through a legacy built on strong, irrefutable data and effective data management that helps to inform decision-making and protects tribal lands for future generations.‚Äč

Both the Executive Summary and Full Report are available here:
Executive Summary: 2018 Tribal Environmental Data Management Capacity & Needs Assessment 
Full Report: 2018 Tribal Environmental Data Management Capacity and Needs Assessment

 If you have questions or concerns about this report, or would like to discuss ideas and strategies for supporting tribal data management needs in the future, please reach out to any of the TGG members directly, or reach us via email at