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E-Enterprise for the Environment puts into practice cooperative federalism for environmental co-regulators. Working together, tribes, states, and environmental leaders at US EPA are using E-Enterprise to deliver better results, often with lower costs and less burden, for the benefit of the public, the regulated community and government agencies. It helps foster greater trust among these groups by improving data integrity and communication.

​Ed Mixon
US EPA Office of Mission Support -- Environmental Information
Program Manager
Phone (202) 566-2142

Mixon.Edward [at]

Regional Indian Coordinators serve as their Regional point of contact for tribal issues and topics related to the tribes they serve; RICs are regional counterparts to Headquarters Indian Coordinators, and together RICs and HICs make up the EPA’s Tribal Program Managers group.

Lydia Scheer
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

Program Manager
(928) 523-6887
lydia.scheer [at]

Headquarters Indian Coordinators serve as the point of contact for tribal issues and topics related to their specific EPA Program Office (e.g., Office of Water, Office of Air and Radiation, Office of Land and Emergency Management, etc).

Regional Exchange Network Coordinators (RENCs) serve as representatives of the EPA Exchange Network Grant Program in their respective EPA regions. RENCs also serve as project officers for Exchange Network grants in their region, receiving and reviewing grant management reporting forms from grant recipients.

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